A Bedtime Story (AU)

by ljc


Summary: Future story.

Warnings, Ratings: Fan Rated Suitable for Children

Disclaimer: All characters, places, and objects from The Sentinel belong to Pet Fly Productions, UPN, Paramount and the SciFi Channel. No money is being made. No copyright infringement is intended. This story was written by ljc with the love of the show in mind.


>A Bedtime Story<

Once upon a time there was a Guardian of the tribe. He was tall and strong, and blue-eyed like his spirit guide, Jaguar. But, at first, Jaguar could only watch him from afar, so Guardian always thought he was alone.”

But we know he wasn't alone, Grampa.”

That's right, but Guardian didn't know, and so one day he left his home and he went to fight for his country, even though there were some people that wished him to fail.”

That was in Peru, right, Grampa?”

Yes, that's right. When Guardian came home he still wanted to help his tribe, so he became a policeman.”

A cop.”

A very good cop.”

Cop of the Year!”

Yes. But still, he fought all alone.”

Except he had Jack for a while.”

Yes, Jack Pendergrast.”

And Uncle Simon! Don't forget him, Grampa.”

I'd never forget, Uncle Simon. But even Uncle Simon couldn't help Guardian with everything. One day Guardian could hear too much and it hurt. Then he could see too much ...”

And it hurt, too.”

Yes. Like the other senses.”

I bet Jaguar growled 'cause he couldn't help Guardian yet.”

Yes. I bet he did. But Guardian searched for an answer.”

And he found you, Grampa.”

Grampa smiled, “No, I found him.”

Oh, yeah.”

Guardian wasn't sure he wanted my help. But I persevered.”

Per ... pers ... vered.”


Per . se . vered.”

That's right. That means that I 'wore him down' and finally he let me help him.”

You named him, Sentinel.”

Well, Richard Burton, the explorer, named him Sentinel.”

And he named you his Guide.”

Grampa muttered, “Well, not exactly. Brackett did, but close enough.” Grampa then continued, “Then Sentinel and Guide had many adventures together.”

A long ... long ... long time ago.”

Well, maybe not 'that' long ago. We do still have adventures, it's just that now we 'both' usually stay in the truck.”


Good? Why?”

Don't want you or Uncle Jim to get hurt anymore.”

Well, that would be good. Anyway, I stuck with Jim ... Sentinel, until I became a cop too, even though Sentinel had Jaguar now.”

And you had Wolfie.”

I wouldn't call him Wolfie to his face.”

He only licked my face.”

... he ... did.”


When did this happen?”

Long, long, long time ago.”


You left a lot out, Grampa.”

It's getting late.”

At least tell me about the bad Sentinel.”

Not tonight.”


Sigh. “She wasn't really a Sentinel. She wasn't a protector ... a guardian, not at all.”

She was just very bad Alex.”

Yes. She used her powers not to help, but for her own greed. Not even her own Great Cat would stand by her side. She fought the true Sentinel.”

... and she hurt Guide. She was very, very, very, very bad.”

Yes,” Grampa agreed softly. “But even though Guide lay injured, Sentinel saved him. Then he traveled to Sierra Verde, where Alex had fled. Guide followed hoping to help his Sentinel ....”

Bouncing excitedly, “And when they came back, Guide fought to stay by his side!”

Grampa smiled, “He believed that Jim was 'his' Sentinel and they needed each other. Eventually ... Sentinel understood, and he was glad to choose Guide to be his companion.”

Tell it again, Grampa Blair. Tell it again.”

I think hearing it once a night is enough.”

Then ... can I ask Uncle Jim to tell me the story?”

Have you ever asked Uncle Jim before?”

Uh, huh. He tells it different though.”

How different?”

He tells about how strong Guide was, but even though he was strong, he still got hurt. Sentinel was very sorry about that. Sentinel would lay down his life for Guide. Sentinel didn't deserve a Guide who was so brave that he would stand beside Sentinel forever and ever.”

Well ... Uncle Jim said all that ... I think it's kind of late to be asking him for another story. I think I'd better tuck you in and turn out the light. You can ask Uncle Jim to tell it tomorrow. Now goodnight.”

Goodnight, Grampa. Hugs,” and hugs did follow.


Blair gently shut the door. He turned and found his friend leaning against the wall opposite his grandson's door.

Jim smiled as he said, “He's always asking for that story. I just thought he ought to get both sides.”

Blair smiled, then looked at Jim quizzically, “Did you know about ... Wolfie?”

Blair, he's a guide.”

Oh. Well. I guess you'd know.” Grinning at Jim he said, “We did okay, didn't we?

We did ... okay, Chief. Just so you know, I couldn't have done it alone.”