A Conversation

by ljc


Summary: Just a snippet about trust gained.

Warnings, Ratings: None.

Disclaimer: All characters, places, and objects from The Sentinel belong to Pet Fly Productions, UPN, Paramount and the SciFi Channel. No money is being made. No copyright infringement is intended. This story was written by ljc with the love of the show in mind.


They strolled leisurely to the park near the loft. It was a quiet, late Saturday afternoon.

That was a good game. The Jags are having a great season. That play right before the buzzer by ... Johnson, was it? That was an incredible throw.”

Jim grinned, replaying the scene in his mind, “Not surprising, with Orvelle coaching. He's the best asset they have.”

For a time they leisurely walked the paths. The thwack of baseballs on bats echoed from the league playing field. The air was filled with the screams of playing children. Jim winced and pulled at his earlobe.

Are you alright? We can go back if it's a problem.”

No, I'm fine. Just need to adjust things a bit,” Jim admitted with a small sigh. “It's easier now than it used to be. Seems like, at first, I had to be walked through it step-by-step every time. I didn't think I'd ever 'get it'.”

I ... I'm glad. I worried about you. I know you didn't trust me at first to understand, but I'm trying. I guess there's a price for every gift. I'm sorry that part of that price was my stupidity. But I'm grateful the trust is there now.”

Jim paused and turned. He looked shyly at his feet a moment. “I'm glad the trust is there, too. I know you've tried to change things for the better, and I appreciate your efforts. I didn't know if we'd ever get to this point.”

Hmm. Honestly, neither did I. We both know who to thank for that. Is he going to be back soon?”

Jim chuckled, “What, Blair miss dinner with family? He's been working on this for quite a while. He'll be here, Dad.”