Encounter with 'Mr. B' Epilogue

by ljc


Summary: I hope this gets a laugh. Or a chuckle. At least a little smile.

Note: It's an epilogue but hopefully there's enough information in the first couple of paragraphs for anyone to know what's going on, but a lot goes on 'between' those paragraphs.

Note: I have to thank the ladies that sent feedback on Encounter with 'Mr. B'. Their comments got me thinking and I just couldn't resist. <g> Thanks so much.

Warnings, Ratings: none. G.

Disclaimer: All characters, places, and objects from The Sentinel belong to Pet Fly Productions, UPN, Paramount and the SciFi Channel. No money is being made. No copyright infringement is intended. This story was written by ljc with the love of the show in mind.


It was a subdued trio that shuffled into the loft that night. They had left with such high hopes for their camping trip. Jim and Simon had believed Blair needed a respite from the stress of his Academy training, and ... so did Blair. So as a graduation present, the trip had been arranged by the Major Crimes detectives, with appropriate camping themed gifts for the graduate.

They hadn't foreseen the bear attack in their future. But they were grateful that the damage inflicted on their newest detective was fairly minor. Blair was just glad that he'd only needed twenty-three stitches. He was also glad he didn't have to stay overnight at the hospital. Dealing with the ER was enough. He gave a mighty yawn as he stumbled across the threshold, and Jim steered him without delay into his own room.

Jim, wait a minute! At least let me go to the bathroom,” complained Blair.

Change into your PJ's, Chief, then you can go to the bathroom,” said Jim with a grin. He knew, if given the chance, Blair would try to stay up only to fall asleep on the couch. There was no doubt in his mind that he would end up nearly carrying him to bed.

And I want a drink of water, too,” said Blair determinedly.

No problem, Chief. I'll get it for you after you get in bed. You have some antibiotics to take, remember?” said Jim.

But don't I have to eat something first?” whined Blair.

Not with these. I checked with the pharmacist,” Jim answered firmly as he aimed Blair at his door. When he turned he saw Simon pluck his unlit cigar out of his mouth while trying to smother a chuckle.

Simon shook his head and turned for the door. He waved a goodbye as he mumbled something that sounded like, “... not even Daryl,” to the sentinel's ears.

After finally getting Blair to bed, and medicated, Jim turned out the lights before he headed upstairs.

It was nearly dawn when his restless roommate woke him. Jim had wondered if there would be any reminder during the night about the attack. He'd hoped Blair might make it without a nightmare this time, but it wasn't to be. He grabbed his robe as he slipped down the stairs and into his partner's room. He settled gently on the edge of his bed. Blair seemed to settle down and Jim had just decided to return to his own room when Blair bolted upright with a deep gasping breath.

Jim? Jim! Oh my gosh! What a nightmare!” blurted Blair. He dragged his hands through his hair as Jim settled back into his place at his friend's side.

Blair. I'm here. It was just a nightmare. You're fine. Do you want to talk about it, Chief?” Jim asked with a frown. “You've got to settle down. You don't want any of those stitches to pull out.”

Stitches? Oh, ow. Yeah, thanks for reminding me,” groused Blair. “The nightmare Jim, it was horrible,” Blair whispered as he shuddered in reaction.

Maybe you should tell me about it. 'A burden shared, is halved' ... right?” Jim shyly asked.

Ahhh man. I don't know. It really shook me, you know?”

Jim just waited, knowing Blair couldn't resist talking things out.

Well, there was this bear ...”

And Jim thought that was understandable after the attack that day.

Well, the bear was standing right by YOU ...”

Jim thought that was understandable, too. Blair was always thinking of his sentinel, usually before he thought of himself. Blair was like that.

Well, you see, you two were fishing in the river for salmon. Bears love salmon.”

Now Jim was confused and he thought he'd better check the side effects on Blair's meds. “The bear ... and I ... were fishing?”

Yeah, you know with your fishing poles. And he was smoking a cigar!” exclaimed Blair.


Yeah, a cigar smoking bear!” Blair said as he implored him with big blue eyes, but then he looked confused himself. “Or was that Si ....”