Five Moments in Time

by ljc


Summary: Really tiny snippet (drabble?). Contains some of my favorite quotes from the show. So there are lots of spoilers for something so short. List at the bottom.

Thanks to Becky for all her work providing transcripts. They've been a great help.

>Denotes my poor little snippet.<

[Denotes quotes from the episodes.]

Disclaimer: All characters, places, and objects from The Sentinel belong to Pet Fly Productions, UPN, and Paramount. All stories are written with the love of the show in mind. No money is being made. All stories are property of the author.


>Jim reached out and grabbed his hand, and for a moment, time seemed to stop.<

[Jim: This can't be happening. This can't be happening.]

>He saw Blair's body slam into the granite cliff face.<

[Blair: This wasn't like a typical day for you, was it? Well, is it? Come on!]

>Jim heard the breath knocked out of Blair even as he saw the fingers of Blair's other hand franticly fight for purchase on the rock face.<

[Jim: You've gotta use the bat echo trick.]

[Blair: I don't think that's gonna work here, Jim.]

>Frightened eyes flashed for an instant on the ground.<

[Blair: Hey, Jim, doesn't look like I'm going to make it to lunch.]

[Jim: Don't tell me you're on that elevator.]

>Trusting eyes lifted to lock on mine.<

[You know, the Chinese believe when you save a man's life you become his blessed protector and it's your duty to do that for the rest of your life.]





1. Sentinel Too part 1

2. Siege

3. Blind Man's Bluff (paraphrased)

4. Dead Drop

5. Cypher.