Full Circle

by ljc


Summary: A scene that takes place after Blair and Jim leave the bullpen, at the end of TSbBS. Rating: G.

Disclaimer: All characters, places, and objects from The Sentinel belong to Pet Fly Productions, UPN, Paramount and the SciFi Channel. No money is being made. No copyright infringement is intended. This story was written by ljc with the love of the show in mind.


A lot had happened today. But Blair knew where he was headed now. That was saying a lot after what had happened in the past week.

Last week he'd committed academic suicide. He'd tried to prepare himself for the pain of lost aspirations, but was hit hard by the pain of lost friendships. That was something he hadn't thought would be such a problem. He had thought his friends would stand by him. But people of long acquaintance now wouldn't even speak to him ... if he was lucky. But they didn't have to speak, their disappointment and anger were clear to see. Painfully clear.

He didn't think he'd ever known a true friend until today. He'd had his doubts even about Jim. But true friends had stood by him after the press conference. Not that they weren't there before ... but now ... he knew. It was a lucky man that could claim a true friend, and the room today had been full of them. His heart was full with that remembrance.

Henri and Rafe had been jubilant that their friend would be 'rescued' from the situation Blair's own words had made for him.

Simon and Megan were there even though they were still in pain from the injuries inflicted by the hitman Zeller. They'd been so elated to be able to foresee a future for Blair that would keep him in Major Crimes, and partnered with Jim.

He'd been so surprised to see his mom there. But he could still see the guilt and the fear she tried to hide. She'd only done what most any mother would have done. She'd tried to help her son. It had turned into a betrayal, but not because of intent. And now she tried to bury the fear that was the result of that betrayal, because she knew a detective's life was not safe, and she loved him.

And Jim ... he'd done the best he could to fix it, with Simon's help. Blair wondered just what they had to promise to make it happen. Unfortunately Blair had seen no other option but to throw his career away, and he hoped that Jim could accept the truth of that now. That Blair had done the best he could.

He and Jim were walking slowly to the loft after that meeting in the bullpen. Blair stopped and lifted his face to the sun, letting it warm him as he'd been warmed by their friendship. He'd been stunned by the offer of a place in Major Crimes and he'd been glad to accept it. He laughed as he opened his eyes to the blue sky.

He would be Jim's partner. He stood, staring straight ahead, as he thought about that other day, years ago. It had come full circle. He remembered standing on a bridge with a big hole blown in it as Jim tossed back what turned out to be a promise for the future, 'My new partner,' he said, to Joel's consternation.

And he'd answered, excited at the thought, 'Do I get a badge?'

Blair turned to his partner, who was staring at him bemusedly. “Hey Jim. Do you remember that day you caught the Switchman, we were talking to Joel there on the bridge? That was the first time you called me 'partner'.” Blair grinned and nudged Jim gently with his elbow, “That wasn't a premonition was it?”

Jim lost his grin, “I'd have been a pretty poor partner if I'd seen what was coming and didn't warn you.” He ducked his head then seemed to brace himself before facing Blair and continuing, “I need to say this Chief. I know it's completely inadequate, but ... thank you. For everything, Blair. You've given up so much ...”

Blair smiled gently and placed his hand on Jim's arm, “To be your partner? To be your guide? It was my choice man. All the way. Have I ever let you push me into any decision permanently? I knew I could always say stop. 'Let me off this roller coaster!' But I liked it. I liked being a sentinel's guide. And the cop-thing makes it possible. You know how you always said you were a good cop even before the senses came back? Well ... I'm going to try to be a good cop without them ... and help my partner at the same time. You said I was a good cop even though I was just an observer. I hope you meant it man. I'll tell you a secret ... I'd do it even if I had to cut my hair!”

Jim grinned, “But back then ... and again today ... what was all that whining, 'I am not cutting my hair' ... what was all that?”

Hey man,” Blair laughed, “the ladies love the curls ....”




Note: I love the curls, long or short. <g>