Ouros Project

Spare Parts/TSbBS Sequel

by ljc


Summary: <g> My really evil, wicked, nasty ... and twisted ... continuation of 'Spare Parts' and 'TSbBS'. Complete in two parts. Part 1 is Naomi's POV. Part 2 is Jim's POV. I tried not to contradict canon. I hope I succeeded.

Warnings, Ratings: PG. Spoilers for 'Spare Parts' and 'The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg'. ('Rogue', 'Sentinel Too' and 'Private Eyes' are mentioned in passing.) Death of a minor character.

Note: Ouros Project name is from:


c.1374, bright star in the constellation Bootes (also used of the whole constellation), anciently associated with the Bear, and is Greek for "guardian of the bear." See Arctic; second element is from ouros "watcher, guardian, ward."


Disclaimer: All characters, places, and objects from The Sentinel belong to Pet Fly Productions, UPN, Paramount and the SciFi Channel. No money is being made. No copyright infringement is intended. This story was written by ljc with the love of the show in mind.


1. Naomi's POV

Petrie, I know what I'm doing. Give it a rest. Just get Francine and Gary out of jail and keep them out of sight,” she said disdainfully.

Look N, they're being contained as we speak. Don't worry about that. Admit it, you know you're too closely involved with this project. You shouldn't have gone in,” sighed Petrie irritably. “You just screwed up a very profitable front. The Agency can't afford losses like that. They aren't going to be happy.”

They couldn't afford Brackett's opportunistic interference either but we got that cleaned up finally. He paid for his greed. You know as well as I do that 'little Blair's' science project is well worth the price of a lost front. We can do better than a carjacking ring anyway. I can't believe you actually talked the brass into allowing nonagents in on that deal!” fumed Naomi.

Petrie wasn't to be put off, “You know it created cash flow we didn't have to account for and we moved info with those deals. The Lamborghini would have been cheap payment. Don't change the subject N.”

Naomi answered coolly, “What was I supposed to do Petrie? Those idiots broke into their apartment ... while I was there! It was never good business to subcontract. I had to intervene for the long term and you know it. There's much more at stake here than a few 'business' contacts.”

Okay, okay. This is your project, N. Brackett jumped the gun but he was The Agency expert on your little boy's lab specimen. We pulled back because of his little stunt, trying to cover up The Agency's true interest. When are you going to be able to bring them in? We could lose the value of our prize if we don't move soon,” Petrie asked.

I'm working on a plan that will force the issue shortly. In the meantime I've been requested to check out Charlie Springer. If his talents aren't too erratic they may prove useful. Now don't worry ... I'll notify you when it's time,” Naomi replied, bringing the call to an end.


Naomi paced frantically as she fretted over this latest difficulty. Alex Barnes had been a sentinel? Could things get any worse? And Blair had known. What a little fool! A second sentinel had just slipped through his fingers!

Brackett's expertise might have proved valuable if he hadn't already betrayed The Agency. Barnes might have been recoverable. What a coup that could have been! Now it's imperative to keep the upper echelon in The Agency from finding out about Barnes' sentinel gifts. If she could accomplish that there was still a chance to recover from this debacle. If this information leaked, her future was ... well ... short would be a kind description.

The Agency couldn't be allowed to discover that their clandestine operations in Sierra Verde had been thwarted by a city cop and his civilian consultant. Things seemed to be slipping out of her control. Another coverup would be dangerous but ... wait ... if she could give it the right twist ... yes, of course! James Ellison foiled an Agency op! When it became known that a 'sentinel' had managed that, it could be interpreted as a favorable report for her project. She just had to put the right 'spin' on the story. Her confidence soared.

She feverishly considered her remaining options. She must have some contact somewhere that could be used to force the issue. This project couldn't be allowed to turn into a liability after all her work. It was time to bring them in ....


Damn it Sid! You blew the project wide open! What were you thinking?” seethed Naomi. “You were supposed to entice Blair away from being Ellison's shadow. What ... you couldn't find a pretty face for a distraction? With all the offers on the table, it should have been easy! Ellison should have returned to being his lab rat. Now Blair's academic credibility is worthless and Ellison still treats him like a 'sidekick'.”

Sid answered with poorly concealed nervousness, “I practically offered the kid the 'sun, moon and stars'. I can't be expected to control every idiot that works here. That stupid assistant sent the press releases before talking to me. He thought he'd scoop me and snag the next Noble Prize winner. He figured this would make his career. I had no warning about what he was going to try. Don't worry, it's under control N, he'll never be in a position to cause trouble again.”

It 'will' be under control Sid. This may end up being the biggest cover-up in the Agency's recent history but the Sentinel story is going to disappear. 'I' will make it happen,” and a furious Naomi laid the phone in it's cradle with barely restrained fury. Maybe it was time for dear old Sid to join Lee Brackett.



2. Jim's Thoughts

Jim packed his gear into the pickup as Blair talked excitedly about their upcoming camping trip. It was to be their last one before Blair's Academy training began. This was going to be a difficult trip. For both of them.

Jim thought back to when he and Blair had returned from Sierra Verde. Blair's friend, Jack Kelso, had sent Jim a message. He had warned Jim that there were Agency markings all over the Alex Barnes fiasco. Jack warned that The Agency could very well have engineered the sale of the VX gas through Alex Barnes, to their contacts in Sierra Verde. The idea that The Agency could have been working with Barnes was a frightening prospect to Jim. Were they aware of her Sentinel gifts? And his?

At the time, Jim and Blair were having a difficult time putting their relationship on firm ground and Blair was still recovering from the drowning. Just the mention of Alex's name sent both their heartbeats bounding.

It had disturbed him that Jack had asked him to keep this a secret from Blair, but he had agreed. Jim had thought he was protecting Blair. And later, Jim was ashamed to admit even to himself that he hadn't been sure he could trust Blair. But now ... it would kill Blair to find out the truth.

After the incident with the rogue agent Brackett, then Jack's intel that there had been Agency involvement with psycho-sentinel Alex Barnes, Jim had been frightened. He had used every resource he had to track every whisper of conspiracy. Red flags began turning up, tainting people he never would have suspected. During those months Jim didn't know whom to trust, not even Blair.

Blair had been caught in the backlash as every new development, the secrecy, and the uncertainty created ever more stress for Jim. Anger and misunderstandings soon became a way of life for them, with Blair unknowingly bearing the brunt of Jim's emotional upheavals.

Jim had continued his investigations when things had mysteriously 'worked out' after the 'diss' fiasco. Rainier University had been very quick, even eager, to rescind their dismissal of Blair, claiming it had simply misunderstood the true situation, that the 'fraudulent' thesis had never officially been presented to Blair's thesis committee. And since it was all a great misunderstanding, in recompense, a formal apology was extended and Blair was offered a chance to submit his completed thesis, when finished.

When Simon had recovered enough to defend Blair's sacrifice as a desperate diversion, the usually waspish Chancellor Edwards was quick to applaud Blair's devastating press conference. She went so far as to state that it was a brilliant defense against a hired assassin, calling it a truly courageous and self-sacrificing effort. She left Blair suitably speechless.

But Jim encouraged Blair to accept their offer since Blair's credibility would be restored with the publishing of his thesis on “Sentinel Attributes Marginalized in an Urban Environment”. Since his introductory chapter hadn't named his subjects he could utilize his research on people with one or two enhanced senses. Then he could continue his search for sentinels while making his research available to the public. Jim knew that the thought of institutionalized sentinels haunted his guide.

But Jim knew it had resolved too easily and the revelation of the truth left him shocked and sickened. There had been layers upon layers of coverup but he'd finally discovered the true problem ... the true traitor in their midst ... but that would be 'traitress'. Now he understood Jack's request for silence. Jim believed Jack wanted him to protect Blair from his own mother. Blair was the only true innocent in the whole sordid mess. And he was the one who would suffer the most from the truth.

Jim had discovered that the Supervisor of the secret Ouros Project, had conveniently 'lost' any reports refuting the usefulness of a 'biological tool'. Jim had actually been relieved that there were legitimate opponents to the idea. His contacts made sure that these repressed reports ended up where they would do the Ouros Project the least good. When these reports were 'rediscovered' there were questions about N's private goals, motivations and aspirations. Her very expensive losses were discovered to include a rogue agent, a destroyed carjacking front, a Black Ops derailed in Sierra Verde, and a missing publisher.

Then professional opinions were 'leaked' that the Ouros Project was taking too long and it was too indefensible when stealth electronics could be bought off the shelf. Electronics didn't need to be conditioned or trained. And they didn't need a biological backup, or guide, because of inherent flaws in the 'biological tool'.

It was decided somewhere in The Agency's hierarchy, that N had taken too many liberties and was much too personally involved in her project. Her personal stake in the outcome was seen as a major flaw, and her motivations were suspect. She'd taken unacceptable risks and caused unacceptable losses. The Project Supervisor, Code name 'N', was suddenly a problem that had to be taken care of ... with dispatch.


Jim finished tying down the camping gear and turned to the cab of the truck. Blair was excited about this getaway. Jim could see him bounce with every word, every gesture. When it seemed that the results of the 'Diss Disaster' had 'naturally' resolved favorably, Blair's depression had lifted and his decision to become a detective was embraced with a deep commitment.

Jim deeply regretted that he had underestimated the result of his interference. It was with growing horror at the implications that he read the reports of his contacts. Fear for Blair flared and then was laid to rest as his contacts confirmed The Agency didn't question what Jim had finally learned in his heart, that Blair was innocent of the intrigues of his mother.

If Blair found out ... but how could he even begin to believe what Jim could tell him about his mother? How could Jim possibly make Blair believe that Naomi wasn't who she had pretended to be? That she had almost destroyed them. That everything he believed about his lovely, free-spirited mother was a lie. That she was a cold, manipulative covert agent that used her own son when she discovered that his childhood obsession with a near mythic 'superman' wasn't a fantasy. How could Jim tell him that Blair's beloved Naomi had schemed and manipulated and lied about ... everything? He couldn't hurt Blair like that. He wouldn't.

Jim forced his own feelings down and returned Blair's smile. No doubt lingered in Jim's mind, Blair was his best friend and his guide. He couldn't allow guilt to dwell too long in his thoughts. They were free of the past now and he let his affection for his partner brighten his spirits. He wouldn't have to fake his grief for his friend. But he vowed privately that this was one secret he would take to his grave. He hoped ... and prayed ... that the past would be buried with Naomi.