by ljc


Summary: A short, uneasy little piece, from Simon's POV.

Warnings, Ratings: PG, but just for a couple of words.

Disclaimer: All characters, places, and objects from The Sentinel belong to Pet Fly Productions, UPN, Paramount and the SciFi Channel. No money is being made. No copyright infringement is intended. This story was written by ljc with the love of the show in mind.


Well, the day was finally here. Sandburg and Ellison were just getting off the elevator. He wished he had some profound words of wisdom for them on their first day as 'official' partners. He was sure they'd need it before long ... well, here goes.

Ellison, Sandburg. My office.”

Sandburg had that cheeky grin stretched ear to ear. Damn. “Wipe that smile off your face, Detective Sandburg. There's a new case, and I'm assigning it to you, Ellison, and your new partner.” Well, damn, that didn't take long. The smile was back and he could 'see' that the energy level had risen with it.

Yes, Sir. What can you tell us about it?” asked Jim. Ellison looked a little puzzled but ... that's tough. Sandburg needed to learn something today and it's going to be hard, but someone's got to do it. That's what Captain's get paid for, right? Simon proceeded to give specifics, then waited for questions. Ellison had a few, so did Sandburg. The kid always was on top of things.

If that's all sir, we'll head for the crime scene. We'll make a report as soon as we know anything,” ended Ellison, before he turned and took the doorknob in his hand.

Good. I'll see you two later.”

Sure thing, Simon,” Sandburg added.

That's what Simon had been waiting for, just those few words. “Sandburg,” Simon spoke slowly, softly, but distinctly, “It's CAPTAIN Banks ... Not Simon. I know you're memory works just fine, Detective. Try to remember my title, it's something you may have heard in training. Understand ... Detective?”

Sandburg looked a little disconcerted at first. Looked disheartened for a moment. Simon felt like he'd kicked a puppy, but couldn't let Sandburg get away with showing disrespect. Not here. Not anywhere anyone could see and misunderstand.

Simon knew Blair's respect for him went way beyond superior and subordinate. They'd been friends for years. They had risked their lives for one another. Sandburg had helped save his son's life. But this went beyond personal affiliations. Beyond friendship.

The future was here, today, and appearances would count for a lot. Too much, if Simon was honest. But appearances were what they would be judged on. And results of course. But knowing these two, their solve rates would be top rate. But that might not be enough to keep them out of trouble, or keep them together. Blair, and Jim too, had better recognize that here and now. This was about survival. It had to be impressed on them and this was the kindest way he could think of to do it. He knew Sandburg's brain was 'processing' this encounter. He could see the thoughtful concern plain on his face, and painfully, a new awareness.

Blair never looked to Ellison. That's good. Look at the 'Captain', Sandburg. Simon could see Ellison's dark look, and it was for him. There was nothing Jim could do about this situation. It's just the way things would have to be.

Sandburg stood straight, and flipped him a respectful salute, “Yes sir, Captain Banks. You'll have our reports as soon as possible. And Sir? Thank you, Sir. I 'will' remember.”

Good, my friend. Good for you.