by ljc


Summary: Very short. Jim's thoughts on a minor incident.

Warnings, Ratings: None. G.

Disclaimer: All characters, places, and objects from The Sentinel belong to Pet Fly Productions, UPN, Paramount and the SciFi Channel. No money is being made. No copyright infringement is intended. This story was written by ljc with the love of the show in mind.


Jim sighed as he leaned back in the shade. This was a good day and Jim couldn't remember ever feeling so ... well, maybe he felt relieved. He and Blair had come to the PD picnic loaded down with a salad Blair had made last night, a cooler full of drinks, and extra blankets to sit on. It was the kind of 'normal' day that Sandburg had seen too few of since he'd become a police observer.

It was nice that they both had the day off; no cases, no perps, no paperwork; no teaching, no office hours, no grading. Best of all, they didn't have any injuries to deal with today. He shifted uneasily as he thought about that because there 'almost' was an injury. It probably wouldn't have amounted to anything but it 'could' have. He was relieved not just because it didn't amount to anything ... but because of the reason it didn't.

Jim had been sitting with the guys and Sandburg had come walking back to sit with them. Blair had a loaded plate in one hand and a drink in the other. He'd suddenly sidestepped to avoid one of the many little kids that were running back and forth, and he'd slipped. He'd been right beside our table. All the guys had been sitting and shooting the breeze ... and Sandburg had slipped.

Jim felt a calm settle over him once again. He'd always told Sandburg to stay in the truck, or at least to stay behind him, but he'd never come out and said to the kid that he worried about him. He'd surely never tell him what that near fall had proven to him. He'd known he was too far away so he'd only been able to watch as every single one of their friends had reached urgently to catch Blair. They didn't let him fall.

That was all that happened but it meant a lot to Jim. He knew that Sandburg would be okay because the kid would have backup if he wasn't there ... and that was a relief.