Simon Is Processing

by ljc


Summary: Well, he asked!

Warnings, Ratings: Fan Rated Suitable for Teenagers, Profanity

Disclaimer: All characters, places, and objects from The Sentinel belong to Pet Fly Productions, UPN, Paramount and the SciFi Channel. No money is being made. No copyright infringement is intended. This story was written by ljc with the love of the show in mind.


Simon waved goodbye as Jim and Blair drove away. He stood for some time before turning to take care of the camping gear he'd used this weekend. Jim had said that Sandburg needed a break after the Academy. It would be a few weeks before the graduation ceremony and Blair needed to unwind.

He probably shouldn't have brought up his long delayed questions. That was when their peaceful interlude 'fizzled'. He had wondered for a moment if Sandburg would faint in sheer surprise, and Jim had looked extremely uncomfortable. Well, too bad for them. They'd given him some uncomfortable moments too over the years. He told them that it was time he knew more about this sentinel/guide 'stuff'. That's what he'd told them.

Simon moved his gear inside. His thoughts took over and his actions became automatic. He stowed his gear. Sorted out the dirty laundry he'd packed back home. Restocked the unused foodstuffs he'd taken with him.

He sat at the kitchen table and made a quick supper of a sandwich and a drink. Then he checked the answer machine. There were several from Daryl complaining about the trip Joan had dragged him away on this weekend. Simon checked the clock and knew that they'd be on a late flight. Too late to call and check in with his son tonight.

He sat in his recliner and turned the reading light on but the book rested on his chest unread. Too many thoughts to concentrate on that tonight.

It was much later that he turned in for the night.


Rhonda carried her steaming coffee mug in one hand, her purse over one arm, her tote bag with her day planner, lunch, and dress shoes over her shoulder. She bustled energetically into the bullpen of Major Crimes. She stopped short when she saw Captain Banks in his office. It wasn't unusual for him to be in here this early, but he was just sitting in his office with his coat still on. That was unusual.

She put her mug down and hung up her coat. Captain Banks still hadn't moved. She pulled out her dress shoes and replaced them for the comfy sneakers that she wore to work. Still, the Captain hadn't moved.

She gathered up her notepad and moved to the door where she tentatively knocked and when there was no movement or response, she nudged the door open.

Captain Banks, is there anything I can do for you?”

The Captain roused enough to answer, “No thanks, Rhonda. Just busy thinking.”

Is everything ... alright?”

Simon nodded, “Yeah. Everything is ... alright.” He finally looked at Rhonda and smiled slightly. “I spent the weekend camping with Ellison and Sandburg. I ... have a lot to think about.”

Well, if you need anything, I'm here.”

Simon did grin this time, which relieved Rhonda somewhat.

Thanks, Rhonda. I appreciate the concern. Those two are going to drive me crazy some day.”

Good friends can do that,” said Rhonda reflectively, “because we care so much.”

She left the office, closing the door softly as Simon nodded in silent agreement.


Simon's thoughts hadn't strayed too far from their focus for several hours, but Rhonda's interruption seemed to bring him back to himself. He'd wandered in his own thoughts most of the evening and the early morning. Time to come back to earth ... exit the Simon Zone that he'd dwelled in to the exclusion of more mundane things.

Damn, had he really wanted to know all that? Well, he'd asked for it, and he got it. Sentinel and Guide had held nothing back. He hoped there wasn't any more to it, but knowing them, especially Sandburg, 'research' could always turn up something new.

Spirit guides. A black panther and a wolf. He could see that, he could. Ellison, a stalking panther with eyes that could pin you in place. And Sandburg, eyes that could see down to your depths.

Visions. Ellison really saw it? Blair's 'death'? How does he deal with that?

Shaman. Teacher. Guide. ... Sandburg. Simon could see the weight of that responsibility was heavy on this man's shoulders, but still he stood unbowed by it.

A spirit plane that was inhabited by at least one dead Chopec Shaman. Jim's friend, and the man that gifted Blair with that same title ... Shaman.

And let's not forget seeing ghosts, or at least, one ghost ... Molly. He remembered 'her' case. Now he knew the rest of 'that' story.

Alex had led us to the Temple of the Sentinels. She forced Jim into the pools with her. He had visions there too. Of the future? Or of what 'could' be? Even they didn't know for sure.

And he thought life was interesting before their revelations.

He sighed heavily and stood. He hung his coat up and went to the door. He was surprised to see the bullpen bustling with his detectives. He stood looking out and saw Rhonda look up in relief. He grinned and gave her a little nod, which she returned and then went back to her work.

Yeah, life was interesting, but he thought it might just get more interesting after the things he'd learned this weekend. He was the Captain of a Sentinel and a Guide. Oh, my.

He looked at his watch. Well, Daryl should be up by now even after a late flight. He'd check in with him and listen to him complain about 'his' weekend.