For those who haven't heard of The Sentinel television show


James Ellison, ex-Army Ranger, presently Detective in the Major Crimes Division of the Cascade, Washington police department, is a man whose senses are enhanced. When he can't control the painful sensory spikes and he gets no help or answers from doctors, he thinks he's going crazy. When he was an Army Ranger his last mission ended disastrously. All of his men were lost when their helicopter was shot down, and he was stranded for eighteen months in the jungle with a tribe of Peruvian Indians called the Chopec. Their shaman was Incacha.

Blair Sandburg, long-haired, grunge attired anthropology grad student and teaching assistant. He's writing a thesis on sense enhanced Sentinels, for a Phd. These Sentinels were mentioned in the writings of Sir Richard Burton, 'the explorer, not the actor'. He learns of James Ellison's sense “problems” and offers his help in exchange for using Jim as a subject for his thesis

Simon Banks, Captain of Major Crime and his teenage son Daryl.

Joel Taggart, Captain of the Bomb Squad, who later transfers into Major Crime.

Detective Henry “H” Brown and his partner Rafe.

Rhonda is Simon's secretary.

Various forensics personnel: Carolyn Plummer (Jim's ex-wife), Samantha (Sam), Serena, Cassie Wells.

Dan Wolf is the Medical Examiner.

Inspector Megan Connor, exchange officer from Australia, who comes for a visit, and stays.

William and Steven Ellison, Jim's father and brother, who were estranged for years.

Sally Wong, William Ellison's housekeeper who raises Jim and Steven after their mother (Grace? Or Mary Margaret?) leaves.

Naomi Sandburg, Blair's Mom, a seeker of enlightenment in New Age philosophies.

Jack Kelso, ex-CIA, whistleblower, teacher, author and friend of Blair Sandburg.

Incacha, Shaman of the Chopec people of Peru, and first Shaman of a stranded James Ellison, Army Ranger.

Various memorable bad types, all having a memorably bad effect on Blair and Jim. Among the baddest of the bad: Kincaid, Lash, Quinn. And we can't forget Alex Barnes, a second Sentinel in a world that doesn't know about them. And one that is not only very beautiful but thoroughly evil.

There are so many memorable and unusual characters, but I'll only list a few more here. The Sentinel show involved spirit animals—one black jaguar and one wolf. There was a Barbary ape named Larry, a ghost named Molly, and the angel, Gabe.